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Covid-19 Important Service Update 23rd March 2020

This has certainly been 2 weeks that have tested many of us.  We would like to thank so many of you for the fantastic support you have given us, it has made it much more bearable.  One silver lining has been to prove what a brilliant team we have at Chipping Norton Physio – everyone has pulled together and supported each other. 

We feel our position in the community during this difficult time remains to help look after as many people as possible.  We aim to help you resolve pain and injury as well as to help keep everyone fit and active (do read about our free online Pilates classes!).  We are certainly not going to let Corona Virus stop us from doing that! 


Although we are not (yet) in the group that has been forced to shut down we are conscious that face to face contact MUST be reduced.  We are finding ways round this and will be offering remote consultations via Telephone or Online (via Zoom, Skype or Facetime).  Although this will not allow us the full range of treatments we normally have at our fingertips we will be able to assess, advise and offer a personalised exercise program as appropriate.  It is likely to become harder to access your GP and we hope we will be able to give a quick response and follow up on issues such as pain, stiffness and muscle & joint injuries. 

 There may be occasions when we will offer home visits – the aim of these would be as urgent appointments where patients have returned from hospital or are unable to function due to their problem. 

 Over the coming days we will close down Lectern Hall to public access.  We will be contacting anyone with an appointment already booked to work out how best to move forward with their care. 


As some of you will be aware our Pilates classes stopped last week.  To keep our clients active, strong and flexible we have moved the classes online and have opened them up to everybody. 

You can find us on our YouTube channel!!

Whether you are missing your normal exercise class or just bored at home have a try.  Tell your neighbour, tell your friends.  We will be adding to these daily over the next couple of week – most of these classes will be at beginner and intermediate levels but we plan to add seated Pilates, advanced Pilates and knee classes that are all part of our normal weekly classes.  Unless it states otherwise all classes are suitable for all ages and levels of ability.  You can find out when we have posted new classes via Facebook or Instagram.

 If you are not sure you have the discipline to exercise alone we are also able to offer 1:1 Pilates sessions remotely.  Set up your laptop or phone in the sitting room or even in the garden and we can lead you through an individualised program from our studio.  After Easter we may set up group online sessions for those who need the extra motivation. 

 Finally we look forward to welcoming you back to Lectern Hall as soon as we are able to.  In the meantime we plan to stay in touch via mailchimp where we will be letting you know about different ideas for exercise and activity – look out for our emails! 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss either Physiotherapy or Pilates with us please call 01608 645608 or email