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Men’s Pilates

We will forgive you if you think of Pilates as “only for women” but this is really NOT true.  At Chipping Norton Physio our classes are open to all but we do also run classes specifically for men.  Pilates is a great way for EVERYONE to improve posture, strength, balance and co-ordination.  It helps you to maintain flexibility and can help reduce injuries and improve overall sports performance.

Our men’s classes tend to be mixed ability but the beauty of Pilates is that during one class our instructors can challenge a more advanced client at the same time as looking after a beginner.  Our classes are small which allows focus.  Are the men’s classes different from the others – not really, same excellent instruction and small class sizes but they can have a different focus depending on the goals of those attending.  We have also had comments on less intimidation from other attendees!!

Men Only Classes: 

Tuesday 12-1pm Chipping Norton 

Friday 9.30-10.30 Woodstock

We currently have a few spaces in our men’s classes so are offering a free taster session to these classes if you haven’t tried it before. Taster spaces are limited so please email us to take us up on this offer.